5 Best Ways to Use Tanning Beds

August 4th, 2012

Tanning industry is on the up and while getting a tan under the sun might still be the best way forward when it comes to achieving  healthy and even tan, all of us might not have both the time and the access to a lovely beach which will help us get that ‘golden bronze look’. And this is where tanning beds come in. But using a tanning bed is not as simple as just going out there and getting a tan

Here are some of the things that you need to do so that you get a healthy and glowing tan!

Slow and steady at the start

Begin low on your time as too much of exposure and too fast can lead to some adverse side affect. Like everything else, your body needs time to adapt and in case of tanning beds too much of early exposure can lead to redness and even itching. While your body produces melanin that helps get the ‘tan’, it has to do that at a steady and controlled pace.

Tan at regular intervals

Make a visit to the tanning bed at regular intervals and if you are really desperate to get a very quick tanned look, then the most frequent can be an alternate day schedule. Do not really go more than twice a week to the tanning bed in case you need to maintain a healthy and regular tan.

Cover sensitive skin that is not often exposed

Cover the skin that has not been exposed too often to direct sunlight and expose it for only half the time you would put the rest of your body in the tanning bed. That will help it gain a tan slowly in and in a safe fashion.

Pick the right tanning beds

Use tanning beds that have UVB radiation to a certain extent, as they are far less harmful for your skin and also help in production of Vitamin D. The right tanning equipment will give you a sustained and truly healthy tan.

Use protective lotions

Despite going to a tanning bed, you are still exposing yourself to powerful UV radiations and hence you need the right tanning bed lotions which will help you in not just acquiring an even tan, but also ensure that you stay safe. Mix the time on tanning bed with some quality time under the sun for best results.

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